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Market-Driven Writing by John Tabellione Suits You To a "T"

      How You Can Benefit by Choosing 
       Atlanta Freelance Writer Services

With Atlanta Freelance Writer Services you benefit from John's unique wealth of experience as a business communication expert for Fortune 500 companies such as Georgia-Pacific, Kimberly-Clark and Stanley Works, as well as for smaller clients and companies. 

Along the way he has developed a knack for quickly grasping the ins and outs of an interesting array of products, ranging from building materials and chemicals, to tissue products and clothing.

Not only has John
composed copy for brochures and literature, edited intranet and external Web sites, he has also sat on your side of the desk. 

Having held
marketing positions of responsibility in product management and new business development, he knows what it takes to promote programs and launch new products. That is, he has the business acumen to go with his ability to craft the right mix of words as a freelance writer that can successfully communicate to your audience. 

John's sales experience represents the third leg of Atlanta Freelance Writer Services' platform: he has leveraged literature, advertising and promotional materials, as well as on-line tools, during the selling process in National Accounts sales and in e-commerce activities.

Bottom line, he understands how customers think, and how they absorb and react to good marketing communications.

Get all of these multiple benefits from Atlanta Freelance Writer Services for your next marketing project and see why: 

Market-Driven Writing by John Tabellione Suits You to a "T"


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When you need to get it in writing (on paper or on-line), get it from John. With over twenty years of advertising, marketing and sales experience, he "gets it" and he gets it right the first time. Read about his complete business background.


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As a marcom professional, John Tabellione can also partner with top-notch Web Design and graphics firms to produce a total package of electronic and print materials to fit your needs. For further information please either send an 
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